Welcome to Embellir Wellness Clinic

How you look affects how you feel. The road to a healthier you is not always an easy one. Fortunately, there are some very effective solutions available to give you a helping hand.

As we juggle increasingly busy and stress filled lifestyles, so over time our bodies can't help but show the signs of these stresses and strains that come with it. At Embellir Wellness Clinic we offer a wide range of beauty therapies and health treatments in a relaxed, clean and private environment dedicated to assisting you look and feel your very best.

Our specialized treatments are designed to help postpone the signs of ageing, improve fitness levels and body tone, reduce fatigue, and maintain overall well-being.

We offer a full range of advanced and safe cosmetic treatments. They range from IPL - Permanent pain free hair removal, diode laser lipo treatment, acne treatment, Mesotherapy, skin rejuvenation, slimming solutions, Healthtech EMS 16-pad treatment, Lipolysis and micro-blading. Visit our services pages for more information or give us a call. Our therapists are highly skilled and can talk to you about a personalized solution that will suit you.