FIR Sauna Blanket

The FIR Sauna blanket is like a sleeping bag that you get inside. Unlike the Far Infra Red cabinets, that have three FIR panels in them, the blanket is 100% FIR giving you a much more successful detox.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are invisible light and the Far Infrared Energy is absorbed very easily by the human body and helps in all aspects of bodily growth and development. It is very healing and rejuvenating. It energizes the cells, inner tissues, glands, nerves and organs beneath the skin.

Among the total spectrum of solar rays coming from the sun, the Far Infrared Rays are the safest and the most beneficial. For example, the visible light spectrum, with very short wavelengths, is reflected away from the body. When near infrared (NIR) waves heat organic substances the surface gets hotter than the interior, and conduction from the surface heats the interior. By contrast, far-infrared penetrates deeply with a very uniform warming effect.

FIR stimulates cellular metabolism which increases the body's regenerative ability and helps restore the proper function of the nervous system. When any tissue in the body is exposed to FIR the body's healing processes are activated. FIR is capable of penetrating deep into the human body, gently expanding capillaries and stimulating blood circulation. So FIR stimulates the production of cell tissue and rapidly promotes the regeneration of skin and blood tissue.

In addition the FIR Sauna Blanket promotes Detoxification, improves metabolism, boosts the immune system, eliminates waste from the body, improves lymph drainageand prevents bacterial growth.

FIR benefits are immediate and aids in the relief of:

1. Fatigue
2. Stress and nervous tension
3. Toxicity
4. Arthritis
5. Insomnia
6. Rheumatism
7. Pain
8. High cholesterol levels and Diabetes
9. Back problems and Muscle pain
10. Abnormal nerve function
11. Sports injuries
12. Respiratory ailments
13. Digestive disorders
14. Poor circulation
15. Viruses